Dream Blossom XXII, 2022


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As I waited under a tree one night
Waiting being the operative
Waiting waiting always waiting
And this fella he says to me
What about these meetings then
And I say yeah they good
But there is an exquisite beauty in
The pain of all this
Like stinging sex blossom
(To paraphrase the famous one,
patron saint of)
That cannot be underestimated
And when you there you really there
And it really is
Another world
And you wonder will you ever walk with
Normal folk again
Or if you even
Want to
And as you look up at the blossom overhead
A little flicker in the chest
The big joke
I always loved the flower burst
The rose in the stem
Life and death in one
That beautiful signal of success


'E is for N-methyl-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)propan-2-amine

The effects of McConnell’s first Ecstasy tablet persisted well into the morning. He emerged into the bright, cool, morning light, and walked twelve miles home: New Lodge, Tiger’s Bay, along the Shore Rd, Mount Vernon, Bawnmore, Rathcoole, past the Tech, Jordanstown, Greenisland, all the way to Carrick and up the Woodburn Rd. He listened to the birds sing, and periodically stopped to admire the spring flowers and wonder at their intricacy and abundance. A profound sense of joy pervaded his spirit. On arriving home he decided that, from this moment, his life would now be given to the repetitive beats of the new music, and the idea he would sleep only when dead. He put his collection of rock and indie vinyl carefully under the bed'

Neal Brown, The Meaning of Flowers